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Lot ID: X142023-CLS

Lot Analysis

Downloadable COA

Variety: CLS-X-14

Year: 2023

Alpha Acids: 9.3%

Beta Acids: 3.1%

Oils: 1.2 mL

HSI: 0.256

Grower Lot Numbers:

Total Oil Breakdown

Harvest Information

Variety: CLS-X-14

Harvest Dates: 9/27/2023

Harvest Timing: Late

Kiln Temperature: 135ºF

The 2023 growing season began with unusually cold temperatures in April followed by an influx of heat in May and a cooler June, causing early bloom in certain varieties like Centennial. This premature flowering resulted in a mix of mature and juvenile cones, leading to lower-than-expected yields for those varieties. Despite this, affected varieties exhibited average aromas, while unaffected varieties yielded average to above-average with strong aroma quality. July and August in the Yakima Valley were notably milder, presenting near-perfect conditions for the growing season supported by a healthy water supply.
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We’re a family farm living in the heart of hop country, located in the Yakima Valley. Our intense climate and stable water supply produces consistent, bold aromas that make the Yakima Valley the premier hop growing region in the world.

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